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Where to eat in Treviso spending little

Looking for a place to eat in Treviso spending little but with Quality? You have to try the ostriches of the Osteria Botegon

Many ask Where to eat in Treviso spending little ? Eating spending a little does not mean to eat badly. How many times have we come across restaurants or trattorias where great food and cuisine were preached and surprise was a salty account with a dissatisfaction with what you ate? Street Food or Finger Food as at the same time today we could call “street food” is a new way of living food.

Live the food in its essence, in its context, where it was born and cooked and consumed on the street. Osteria Treviso Botegon embodies the history of Trevisan cicchetteria . Throughout the year at the “Botte” you will always find the famous meat or fish meatballs, croutons, fingerfoods and innumerable sandwiches (typical of porchetta) prepared with the products of the moment. A Continue Order and away with the next tour. Cost? Do not be surprised if with a few euro you can enjoy these delicacies accompanied by an excellent wine of our selection.

This is the spirit of Street Food, eating in Treviso spending little. Quality food, simplicity of ingredients, essence of unique flavors. A culinary experience that you can taste right away with the eyes from the botegon counter, fish fillets, meatballs, hand-cut and fried potatoes. I bet you got into your mouth. And if I’m not convinced, look at ours Menù Finger Food


info@botegon.com PHONE (+39) 0422 54 83 45 and if you want BOOKING