Osteria Treviso with Cuisine "Al Botegon"

Typical dishes of the Treviso tradition

Osteria Treviso Botegon

The Osteria Treviso Botegon is the authentic Osteria in Treviso where you can breathe a tradition conjugate to the gastronomic identity of Treviso.

At Osteria Treviso Botegon you can enjoy the specialties and the typical dishes of ours by sipping good wine or an aperitif.

The “Botte” homemade cuisine continually and daily works on the “cicchetti” craftsmanship of the Venetian tradition. Home specialties are hand-made meatballs , with carefully selected ingredients such as fresh meat and seasonal vegetables. Absolutely to taste are croutons with cod preserved, fried shrimp , moscardini, scallops and many other appetizers of typical Venetian and Treviso cuisine. At Osteria Botegon, during the season, you can taste the exceptional primings of the Radicchio Trevigiano, risotto, crunching and accompanying dishes with radicchio picked directly from the fields of the Trevigiana brand.

The Osteria Treviso Botegon has maintained its traditions and many of the specialties of the past that have been lost, at the “Botte” it is still possible to taste them. Some specialties such as bogs, nuts, frogs, and baked acacia blossoms can still be tasted at the counter with a good red wine.

Let’s not forget the classic snacks like sandwiches or homemade pancakes, authentic delicacies for those who want to accompany their aperitifs with something to eat.

Street Food & Finger Food Treviso

Well, Street Food is also in Treviso and Osteria Treviso Botegon is one of those activities that is part of it.

A Flavor of Finger Food is a sandwich that can be eaten safely on the street in front of the San Tomaso Gate, which has been framed for over a century by the “Botte”.

Between a prosecco and a spritz it is not difficult to see the kids eat on the outside tables a nice plate of meatballs made artisanally with selected ingredients of meat, fish and seasonal vegetables.

Cicchetteria Trevisana” made with specialties such as croutons, sandwiches, bacon sage, french fries and fish specialties such as scrambled eggs, scallops and “fingernail” fritters or the most sophisticated to finger food.

Other delicacies for the palate are typical sweets with periodic rotation: tarts, pancakes, tiramisu, cakes, cat tongues and various seasonal biscuits.

Typical Snack Osteria Treviso Botegon

Every day, behind the “Botte” counter, you can always enjoy tasty snacks, portions, and chips to accompany you with a good “black” or good prosecco goblet. All our products follow rigid rules of realization in order to preserve the tradition and the typicalness of Venetian and Treviso dishes

Menu and Typical Dishes of Osteria Treviso Botegon


Polpette di Carne / Pesce / Verdure
Piatto della tradizione e specialità della casa

Gamberi fritti
Piatto della tradizione e specialità della casa

Verdure pastellate
verdura di stagione a friggitura leggera

Cappesante e Moscardini
Specialità pesce finger food

Crostini di Baccalà Mantecato
Pesce stoccafisso in crema


Specialità lumachine in aglio e prezzemolo

tipico panino caldo con porchetta al coltello

antica ricetta tradizionale

Fiori d’acacia impanati
Specialità tipica

Rane fritte
Specialità Trevigiana introvabile

Tramezzini farciti
Specialità fatta ogni giorno


Pasta e Fagioli
Antica ricetta e specialità della casa

fatte al momento con verdura di stagione

cucinati al momento con verdure di stagione

Radicchio di Treviso in stagione
cotto, crudo, cucinato e abbinato

Polenta e Musetto
Il piatto della tradizione

Melanzane alla Parmigiana
Piatto tradizionale dell’Emilia Romagna


Il buonissimo dolce creato a Treviso

Fatte in casa con ingredienti a Km0

Preparazioni dolciarie
Fantasia dello Chef Pasticcere

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tasting Food at Botegon!
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Tasting Wine

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degustazione vini osteria treviso botegon

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