Botegon is the aperitif Treviso

Botegon: the sacred temple of "Spritz", good Prosecco and conviviality

Aperitif Treviso: Spritz, Prosecco and traditional finger food !

Aperitif in Treviso? When it comes to drinking wine in Treviso, the historic wine bar Osteria “Al Botegon” becomes a symbol. You can come here when you want to relax and spend some time with your friends, and there’s no need to be well-dressed.
People of all ages come here to enjoy the large open space, drinking the typical spritz or a prosecco with their friends and eating traditional finger food like bogoi, small snails, fried frogs and acacia flower fritters.
Having an aperitif before dinner is a ritual and Osteria “Al Botegon” is a must for the locals and for people coming from other places.
Osteria “Al Botegon” is also a synonym of conviviality and socialization; here you can spend your evenings in the centre of Treviso with a prosecco of the exquisite Val d’Oca brand or with the popular spritz, surrounded by the city walls in the shadow of “Porta San Tomaso”.
The traditional finger food and typical Venetian cuisine will match the choice of white and red wines expertly selected by the owner of Osteria “Al Botegon”.

Not only Aperitif but…

Osteria “Al Botegon” doesn’t mean only having an aperitif in Treviso, but also spending some quality time with friends while listening to a live concert or to a DJ playing and tasting a good beer, a prosecco or the traditional spritz. Summer Wednesdays organized with the help ofHome Rock Barare always a great success and hundreds of people come to summer live concerts.

Last but not least, on Sunday a lot of young people come here during cocktail hour to end their weekend. Events, concerts, DJ sets and tastings are always accompanied by exquisite wines and a special selection of craft beers like Pedavana, Baladin or 32-Via dei Birrai.


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